Creating a LEF for Qlik Software

How you can easily do it yourself.

If you want to activate your Qlik software, you need a licence, which can be purchased. For example, from us.

Once you have a licence, you can enter it into your Qlik software and activate it. This works for pretty much every Qlik product, whether it's QlikView, Qlik Sense, Qlik NPrinting, etc.

What are the components of a Qlik licence?

Basically, each Qlik licence consists of a 16-digit licence number. This licence number is the basic identifier for your licence.

However, the licence number alone is not enough to activate your software.

The control number

In the past, Qlik software was activated with the 16-digit Licence Number and an additional 5-digit Control Number. Today, this basically continues to work - if you still have a Control Number for your licence from earlier times.

Since Qlik is increasingly switching to a so-called SLK (Signed License Key), the new licences will come without a control number and instead with a SLK.

For this article, let's assume that you have a Control Number - as you need a Licence Number and Control Number to enter a LEF in your Qlik software.

What do I need a LEF for?

For this question I have to elaborate a little - since the answer depends on the method of activation.

Let's just say you want to activate a Qlik Sense For Windows Server.

Activation using SLK

To activate your Qlik Sense Server with a SLK, you must have a permanent internet connection.

This can be restricted via proxy to the URL of the Qlik Licence Server, however the internet connection must be permanent.

​Activation using Licence Number and Control Number

At present, you can also activate your Qlik Sense using the Licence Number and Control Number instead of the SLK. But that might change in the near future, since Qlik wants to switch to SLK only. 

To do this, your Qlik Sense Server needs a one-time Internet connection for its activation. During this process, your Qlik Sense server will connect to the Qlik Licence Server and check whether the licence is valid and applicable. If so, your Qlik Sense will be activated and then you can disconnect from the Internet.

Important to mention: If you disconnect from the internet, some features of Qlik Sense may stop working - for example, the geographical maps. They fetch the Open StreetMap maps from the internet.

But what if your server is not connected to the internet?

This is where the LEF comes into play. It is the replacement for an online activation in case your Qlik Sense server does not have an internet connection.

A LEF contains all the necessary information to activate your Qlik software without an internet connection.

How to create a LEF yourself

Qlik made it really easy to create a LEF manually. Here's what you need to do it:

  • A valid, 16-digit Qlik Licence Number.
  • An internet connection.
  • A web browser.

Open the URL: Manual LEF.

  1. Enter your 16-digit Qlik License Number in the "License Key" field.
  2. Check the box: I am not a robot. Assuming that's true.
  3. Click on "Request LEF".

Now the matching LEF for the entered Licence Number is shown below.


​Check the date after 'Timelimit' - it shows how long the licence is valid. Ideally, this date is in the future.

The top line contains your 16-digit Qlik Licence Number, which is also part of the LEF.

Copy everything from the text field (framed in red in the screenshot) and paste it into the "LEF" field in your Qlik software.

Advice: Save this LEF in a text file or using a tool of your choice.

What do you need besides the LEF?

Now if you want to activate your Qlik software with the generated LEF, you'll need:

  1. The LEF
  2. Your Qlik License Number (16 digits)
  3. The Control Number (5 digits) associated with your Licence Number.

Without these three components, you cannot activate your Qlik software offline.


The smartest way to activate your Qlik software is an SLK. This is precisely the way Qlik advises.

Your permanent internet connection keeps your licence up to date and whenever you extend or reduce your subscription, this information is automatically passed on to your Qlik software. There is nothing you need to do.

In case you don't have an internet connection, you can (provided you have your Qlik License Number and the corresponding Control Number) create a LEF and activate your Qlik software offline.

However, there are a few drawbacks to the LEF:

  • It cannot update itself with the Qlik Licence Server automatically. Therefore, whenever you expand or reduce your subscription, you must create a new LEF and then manually update the Qlik software with the new LEF.
  • As software versions evolve, the LEF structure may change. So if you update, it may be that your new version no longer accepts the LEF. In this case, you will also have to create a new LEF and manually update your software.

It's also important to know: You can switch from LEF to SLK in your Qlik software at any time - but not the other way round. Once an SLK has been entered, you can no longer enter a LEF.

However, there are basically no restrictions in the functionality of your Qlik software, regardless of which type of licence activation you choose.

Creating a LEF for Qlik Software
RSG Report Solution GmbH, Daniel Blank 28 June 2023
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