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Data analysis and data management, digitalisation, integration, automation and artificial intelligence.

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Our speciality is everything connected with the data life cycle.


Digitise most of your manual processes, in compliance with GDPR. Once a process has been digitised, it can be automated and integrated into other process chains.

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Intelligently connect all your existing systems and enable bidirectional communication. This allows information to be exchanged and automations to be set up. 

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Automate digital and manual processes, thereby saving time and massively relieving employees. These automations can be adapted to the requirements as desired.

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Artificial intelligence is used to optimise the interaction of all existing systems. In doing so, the processes are centralised and the existing systems in your company are integrated.

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From collection, replication and aggregation to analysis. We accompany the complete data strategy of your company and assist with practical help and advice. Our specialty is data analytics with Qlik.

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Developing customised software and maintaining the existing one, is an important factor for the integration of all existing systems. Regardless of whether API, JavaScript, PHP, ABAP - we deliver reliably and quickly.



We offer hybrid trainings in our classroom in Hamburg and online simultaneously. Our cutting-edge audio and video technology delivers a perfect training experience and you can enjoy the content.

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When there's a fire, we're there for you - quickly and uncomplicatedly. On request 24/7. Our international branches help around the clock and monitor your environment. Our service is personal and efficient.

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With so many different systems and options, it's easy to lose track of what's going on and what's important. Don't worry, we are there for you and accompany your business strategy. We love a good strategy.



we love and do really well.

This is the next generation software for fast and, above all, simple data analysis. You can pretty much collect all of your company's data and see the whole truth. Of course, the entire process is fully automated and supported by AI. Data analysis has never been easier. 

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The classic in data analysis, but still unbeaten when it comes to guided data analysis and handling big data sets. Fast, simple and highly customisable as far as the design of the interface is concerned. Even though QlikView is no longer being developed: We love it.

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The ideal supplement for QlikView and Qlik Sense if you need an automated and highly powerful reporting solution. Share your reports in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, PixelPerfect or PDF format - fully automated and secure. The distribution can be done via email or network. 

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While Qlik Sense alone is very powerful, you can take analytics to the next level by using the Vizlib Extensions. They bring a lot of new features and capabilities to your analytics and bring all the flexibility you would expect from QlikView.

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One of the most common data sources for QlikView and Qlik Sense is SAP R3 and SAP BW. If you need help with the provision of the needed data in SAP BW, we will be happy to help in a straightforward manner.

"Hope is not a strategy."

Favourite phrase of our CEO. 

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