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Imagine being able to connect your most important systems, retrieve and transfer data and start automations.

The significance of integration

in IT is a key factor in the success or failure of any business. The need for integration has increased as companies continue to grow.

Integration is not only about connecting different systems and applications, but also about connecting people, processes and technologies.

The integration process

is a very important part of IT. It ensures that the systems work as a whole, and this process can be divided into three parts:


The basic structure of integration.


How the systems communicate with each other.


Interaction between systems and users.

The systems are the foundation of integration. They make integration possible to begin with.

Communication focuses on how the systems communicate and interact with each other.

Interaction is the process of communicating with users or other systems that are outside the system you wish to interact with.


is the foundation for automation

We make both possible.

First digitalisation, then integration.

Digitisation is the process of transforming information from physical into digital form. It is important to all businesses because it helps to streamline processes to make them more efficient and cost-effective.

By digitising marketing campaigns, a company can avoid printing and postage costs, for example. In addition, the company saves time when distributing information material to potential customers.

Before the integration of the systems can be started, the data and processes must first be digitised.

We deliver support for digitalisation and integration, clearing the way for automation.

What systems can be integrated?

Almost all digital systems necessary for a digital process chain can be integrated. Thus, our customers do not have to replace any systems, but only integrate their existing systems into an intelligent process environment.

Modern process platforms can integrate almost 200 of the common systems such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and many more.

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What comes before and after


Digitalisation is the first step towards integration and automation.


We guide our customers through digitisation of all processes.
Once a process is digitised, it can be automated. 



Automate your digital processes and save time and money. Relieve the burden on your employees.



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