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Qlik Sense | On-site or in the cloud

From passive to active data analytics

More interactivity. More context. Lightning fast. 

No one else can do it.

Qlik's unique associative technology is at the heart of the industry-leading analytics experience, delivering unmatched performance. Empower your users to work freely at the speed of thought with lightning-fast calculations, always in context and at scale.More interactivity. More context. Lightning fast. No one else can do it.

Yes, it's a huge challenge. And that's why Qlik Sense goes far beyond the boundaries of query-based analytics and dashboards that other competitors offer.


Qlik Sense

can be used locally on-premise, on SaaS cloud or hybrid.

Even the most complex use cases can be

solved with Qlik Sense.

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Self service

Effortlessly combine, load, visualise and explore your data, no matter how big (or small). Ask any questions and follow your curiosity.

Give your departments the opportunity to create their own ad-hoc analyses and find answers.

All this completely no-code.

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Intelligent search

Search, select, go in depth or zoom out to find your answer, or switch focus immediately if something has caught your interest.

Search by keyword and Qlik Sense instantly shows you the connected data.

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Interactive charts

Every chart, table and object is interactive and is immediately adapted to the current context with every action.

As soon as a filter is set, all other charts are automatically adjusted and new ones are calculated super fast.

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Intelligent visualisations

An extensive library of high-quality, intelligent visualisations provides meaningful information, shows the shape of the data and helps detect outliers. And with Insight Advisor's support for automatically generated analyses, chart recommendations and data combinations, you can get the results you need faster.

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Interactive analyses

Create, share and distribute powerful dashboards to support executives, business leaders and anyone else who needs to keep their finger on the pulse of the business.

Each element is interactive and offers users more than the static dashboards of the past.

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If something catches your eye, you can just dive in to find out what happened. You can select anywhere and search globally to refine the context and quickly find the information you need to act.

With Qlik Sense, dashboards become a powerful tool for making better, data-driven decisions.

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Search and conversational analytics provide a simple and powerful way to interact with data and gain insights using natural language.

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Insight Advisor

With search-based Visual Discovery, Insight Advisor automatically generates the most relevant and meaningful analytics and insights for the user, based on natural language processing (NLP). And with Conversational Analytics, you get a fully interactive natural language experience in Qlik Sense.

Insight Advisor uses natural language processing and generation (NLP & NLG) to understand what the user wants and respond with answers and additional insights - across all Qlik Sense applications.

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Respond immediately to changes in your data with alerts and automation. Deliver sophisticated, data-driven alerts that enable users to proactively monitor their business and take timely action based on insights.

Unlike other products, Qlik Alarm technology is fully data-driven and not based on individual visualisations, so you can monitor all your data without limitations. What's more, you can automate routine tasks with event-driven actions and enable your most important applications to work with your analytics.


Use Application Automation, a visual low-code environment, to turn insights into actions wherever they need to happen.



Easily subscribe to Qlik Sense worksheets and customised analytics for regular delivery in PDF format for yourself and others.

Create, publish and distribute engaging reports in popular formats such as Microsoft® Office and PDFs.

Create reports based on Qlik Sense analytics with highly flexible design and formatting control. Easily schedule the distribution of reports, customised to recipients, by email, in shared folders or via a central hub.

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Use mobile

Qlik Sense is designed for mobility, with responsive design and native touch interaction.

The responsive web client or native apps for iOS and Android let you create and explore analyses on any device.

You only create analysis apps once and can use them everywhere.

You also get fully interactive offline analytics and integrated alerts with push notifications for transparency and action right at the point of decision.


Qlik Sense is a complete data analytics solution that allows you to tackle even the most complex analysis tasks.

The full suite of open APIs allows you to customise your analytics solutions.

Quickly develop custom applications, new visualisations and extensions, or embed the fully interactive analytics into the applications and processes your staff work with every day.

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Advanced analytics

With Qlik Sense, you don't have to be a data scientist to take advantage of advanced analytics.

Users can explore calculations and predictions interactively, both via the engine and via real-time integration with machine learning models.

Qlik Sense provides advanced analytics integration with real-time, engine-level data exchange, allowing users to explore calculations through visual selection in Qlik Sense apps.

Prepare data

Qlik Sense offers a full range of data preparation and integration capabilities that enable users to work with virtually unlimited combinations of big and small data.

A well-managed, self-managed catalogue of all data suitable for analysis makes it easy to find the right data and know its origin and path. Use all your data with confidence, because you can easily find and trust it.

Qlik Sense can pull data from many different data sources, including databases, DWH's, local files, web services and of course SAP.

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Qlik Sense?

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We offer Qlik Sense licences - locally, for the SaaS Cloud or hybrid. We will be happy to advise you and find the best licensing strategy for you. 

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Our experienced consultants and project managers are happy to help you implement your Qlik Sense projects. 

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You don't want to create the Qlik Sense dashboards and data models yourself? Then we'll be happy to do it for you.

Schedule a free online call now! 

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Our support team is there to help you with any questions or problems you may have - fast and straightforward. By phone, email or in a personal online call - everything is taken care of immediately.

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Our Qlik Sense trainings are highly hands-on and we are one of the few certified Qlik training partners in the DACH region. Simply because we love training and we know what we're doing.

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Planning and expanding your Qlik Sense environment becomes simple and straightforward with our assistance. Your Qlik Sense will always be fast and reliable.


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Vizlib Extensions

Qlik Sense alone is extremely powerful, but if you want to push your visualisation to the limit, you should definitely check out the Vizlib Extensions.



The classic analysis tool. We support with data modelling, interface design, administration and of course with performance issues and the scaling of your environment.


Qlik NPrinting

Automated creation and distribution of reports in MS Office formats, as HTML, PixelPerfect or as PDF.



Trainings for your success. We are an official partner of QlikTech when it comes to consulting, licences or training.



We accompany our customers in the digitalisation of all processes.
Once a process is digitised, it can be automated. 



We integrate your existing systems into an intelligent environment, with central process logic and digital communication.



With automation, you can automate your digital processes and thus save time and money. Relieve the burden on your employees.



By using artificial intelligence, you can automate decision-making processes.