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QlikView | Legendary, fast and good.

Ancient for a software, but far from retired.

A classic, quick and easy.

No one else can do it.

When the Swedish company QlikTech launched a new software called QlikView in 1993, no one could have imagined the empire it would develop into over the past decades.

Like its successor Qlik Sense, the QlikView software is based on the QIX engine, which can perform the most complex calculations incredibly quickly and visualises company data uniformly across systems.

Even today, many companies around the world still work with QlikView, even though licence sales were discontinued in 2020. Why? Because the software still represents an enormous added value for every company.

We love QlikView as much as Qlik Sense, and there are requirements that QlikView can fulfil better than Qlik Sense. On the other hand, there are other requirements that Qlik Sense can meet more effectively. That's why the two products complement each other perfectly and are used in parallel by many companies.

Those who want to start with Qlik can only do so with Qlik Sense today, but those who are already using QlikView will still be satisfied with it.

The fact is that QlikView is not being further developed, only Qlik Sense. Thus, there are many new technologies that are only available in Qlik Sense.

So whoever is still using QlikView: very good. We can help and we are passionate about it.



can be developed locally, but can also be deployed in the Qlik Sense SaaS Cloud.

The advantages of 

QlikView, compared with Qlik Sense

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Individual design

Compared to Qlik Sense, the design of the interface with QlikView is much more customisable. While in Qlik Sense you can use CSS grids to position the objects, in QlikView this is done with pinpoint accuracy.

So if you want to design sophisticated interfaces, you'll feel right at home in QlikView.

Those who don't want to design elaborate GUIs, which costs a lot of time, will feel much more comfortable with Qlik Sense.

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Working offline

Those who are on the road a lot need to be able to work offline - this applies to field staff, for example. As long as network coverage is patchy, and that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon, a stable connection to the server cannot be ensured - at least not permanently.

One of QlikView's strengths is its offline availability. A connection to the server is not mandatory and you can copy the current data to your laptop in the morning and then work with it offline all day. Even the development of new apps is possible offline.

Qlik Sense is not designed for offline operation; a permanent connection to the server is mandatory.

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Loop & Reduce

When distributing QlikView applications, the QlikView Server (more precisely the Publisher) handles the Loop & Reduce.

Similar to Section Access, the QlikView Publisher reduces the data in the app based on defined fields. This way, employees only get the data loaded into the app that they should and are allowed to see.

This is extremely important, especially for offline availability, and also reduces the file size for transmission.

Qlik Sense does not have this functionality. It can achieve the same result for online use, but not for offline operation.

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The AMP package provides you with Qlik Sense in addition to your existing QlikView licences. We will be happy to advise and assist you.

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Our experienced consultants and project managers are happy to help you implement any QlikView projects you may have in mind.

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You don't want to develop your QlikView dashboards and data models yourself? In that case, we'll be happy to do it for you.

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If you have any problems or questions, our support team will help you quickly and easily. By phone, email or in a personal online call.

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Our QlikView trainings are very hands-on oriented and we are one of the few qualified Qlik training partners. Simply because we love training.

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Optimising your QlikView environment becomes simple and straightforward with our support. We fix performance issues.


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At RSG we specialise in data, digitisation, integration, automation and AI and we really enjoy the full range offered by Qlik products.
You also get exciting training with us.

Qlik Sense

The successor of QlikView can do many things that are not possible in QlikView. We can help with data modelling, interface design, administration, migration, setting up a parallel environment of QlikView and Qlik Sense, and of course with performance issues and scaling your entire environment.


Vizlib Extensions

Qlik Sense alone is extremely powerful, but if you want to push your visualisation to the limit, you should definitely check out the Vizlib Extensions.


Qlik NPrinting

Automated creation and distribution of reports in MS Office formats, as HTML, PixelPerfect or as PDF.



Trainings for your success. We are an official partner of QlikTech when it comes to consulting, licences or training.



We accompany our customers in the digitalisation of all processes.
Once a process is digitised, it can be automated. 



We integrate your existing systems into an intelligent environment, with central process logic and digital communication.



With automation, you can automate your digital processes and thus save time and money. Relieve the burden on your employees.



By using Artificial Intelligence, you can automate decision-making processes.