Vizlib Extensions

Take your Qlik Sense analytics to the next level.
A whole universe of powerful extensions.

The many Vizlib extensions are available in the following packages:

With access to more than 20 individual charts, users can develop intuitive, interactive applications for any use case and achieve solutions that would otherwise be impossible.

The solution combines a range of self-service features that enable companies to extend the reach of data analytics across the enterprise. Designed for ad-hoc analysis and easy to use.

 Vizlib Gantt is the most intuitive project planning tool for Qlik Sense. Designed to enable users to keep projects on track, on budget, optimise resources and create accurate forecasts.

Vizlib Finance is designed to meet the needs of a modern finance department. It enables finance teams to produce fast, efficient and accurate P&L reports.

 Vizlib Collaboration is a comprehensive, end-to-end interface for data analysis collaboration. With WriteBack, comments can be captured and securely stored.

Vizlib Library

With more than 20 individual charts, you can give your Qlik Sense analysis a boost.

Vizlib Library is by far the most powerful product for Qlik Sense visual analytics. It allows users to redefine Qlik's native functions without a single line of code.

With access to more than 20 individual charts, users can develop intuitive, interactive applications for any use case and achieve solutions that would otherwise be impossible.

Fully customisable, supported and packed with advanced out-of-the-box features.

Use advanced analytics, research details in Viztips, define shortcuts via actions and automate workflows.


Add custom, dynamic charts to tooltips for an intuitive, contextual drill-down experience on mouse-over.

Advanced Analytics

Supports companies to perform forecasts and cluster analyses in Qlik at the push of a button. These can be, for example, projections and scenarios for comparison.


Design, save and share your own chart designs with your teams to shorten development and create a consistent look and feel across all analyses.


Create guided analytics with a list of predefined actions. Use API integration, export data on demand and much more.

Pie Chart

Vizlib Library | Essential Charts

The Vizlib Pie Chart is a highly customisable, supported and easy-to-use extension for Qlik Sense.

The wide range of design and layout options available with Vizlib Pie Chart means you can focus on creating compelling visualisations and dashboards without writing a single line of code.

Bar Chart

Vizlib Library | Essential Charts

Vizlib Bar Chart is a highly customisable, supported and easy-to-use extension for Qlik Sense that provides features such as grouped bars, stacked bars and overlapping bars to better compare and visualise quantitative data across a range of dimensions.

It supports either two dimensions and one measure or one dimension and multiple measures. Thus, the Vizlib Bar Chart is the ideal extension to create compelling dashboards and charts based on your own data.

In addition, Vizlib Bar Chart extends the standard features of Qlik Sense so you can focus on creating compelling visualisations and dashboards without having to write a single line of JavaScript code.

Scatter Plot

Vizlib Library | Essential Charts

Shows the relationship between two quantitative measures for different categories and a third data dimension with size and colour for the data points.

Cluster data points, add reference objects for more context, support number abbreviations, format negative values and zoom.

Line Chart

Vizlib Library | Essential Charts

Vizlib Line Chart is a highly flexible, supported and easy-to-use extension for Qlik Sense that gives you almost unlimited design customisation options.

You can use it to focus on what you do best - creating compelling visualisations and dashboards without having to write a single line of code, and going far beyond the standard features of the native Qlik Sense object.

  • Fully customisable multi-line chart with extensive formatting options.
  • Choose between line or area chart and determine the interpolation method (linear/stepwise/cubic etc.).
  • Wide range of data point representations, from symbols to images.
  • Divide the sums by a second dimension represented by a pie chart or donut chart.
  • Full support for interactivity and the ability to turn off native features.
  • Option to accumulate the metric values on the x-axis.
  • Add trend and regression lines.

Combo Chart

Vizlib Library | Essential Charts

Combines the functions of the Vizlib bar chart and line chart to gain more meaningful insights.

Add a benchmark, reference lines and interactivity. Control formatting, display, line or bar display and add markers or symbols.

Grid Chart

Vizlib Library | Essential Charts

The Vizlib Grid Chart is a highly customisable, supported and easy-to-use extension for Qlik Sense that provides a graphical representation of your data, similar to a heatmap chart. Individual values are contained in a matrix and are highlighted based on your measurement.

KPI Designer

Vizlib Library | Advanced Charts

Visualises KPI performance and offers the possibility of overlaying and supports the creation of KPI objects.

Combine Vizlib KPI Designer with Viztips to add customised, dynamic charts in tooltips.

Create 11 custom layers to create KPI objects, support for multiple actions at layer level or as a global setting, presets to speed up the design process, pixel-perfect positioning of layers and Responsive Design.

Sankey Chart

Vizlib Library | Advanced Charts

Creation and visualisation of data flows and splits. The chart is easy and intuitive to use and provides an overview or the possibility to go into details.

Flexible sizing, user-friendly functionality and customisation, transitions between selection levels, interactivity modes such as zooming and rearranging dimensions, conditionally showing and hiding dimensions.

Active Gauge

Vizlib Library | Advanced Charts

Compare multiple quantitative measures or a quantitative measure divided by category. Examine the relative performance of categories for direct visual comparison in radial bars.

You can display 1 dimension and 1 measurement or up to 10 different measurements. Full customisation of arc width, corner rounding and distance, selection either in the chart or in the legend.


Vizlib Library | Advanced Charts

Display individual values as colours based on a specific measure. Analyse large, complex data sets and interpret findings with the colour-coded format.

User-defined colour palettes, improved tooltips, intelligent positioning of the legend, configurable reference lines.

Venn Chart

Vizlib Library | Advanced Charts

Drag and drop available dimensions and measures to create visual representations of the relationships between data. Identify the logical relationships between data sets.

Automatic display based on data selection, labelling, colour and circle formatting.

Mekko Chart

Vizlib Library | Advanced Charts

Visualisation and evaluation of the relationship between part and whole of two variables.

A variable-width stacked bar chart showing the relationships between two variables at once, conditional colours by expression.

Story Timeline

Vizlib Library | Advanced Charts

Create visual, media timelines in Qlik Sense to scroll through markers of events or milestones.

Supports multiple media types, displays project phases, visualises business interactions, e.g. relationships between clients and vendors.

Waterfall Chart

Vizlib Library | Advanced Charts

Identify the impact of a measure and illustrate how the totals change over time, e.g. inventory or customer churn.

Vertical or horizontal format, highly customisable, detailed root cause analysis.

Ridgeline Plot

Vizlib Library | Advanced Charts

Gain insights into the seasonality of the data and changes over time. You also save valuable space on the dashboard.

Highly customisable, comparison of trends or distribution between multiple elements.


Vizlib Library | Tables

A highly customisable, supported extension for Qlik Sense that provides functionality to easily and quickly create tables for data, which can then be customised as the data evolves.

Horizontal scrolling in columns, full control over colour and alignment, sparkline charts/mini charts in each row, formatting of headers and support for dynamic labels.

Pivot Table

Vizlib Library | Tables

Summary of data and findings from extensive, detailed data sets.

Conditional showing and hiding of dimensions and ratios, indentation or fully expanded pivot styles, indicators for ratios to illustrate change or growth.


Vizlib Library | Navigation Tools

Provides more space on the dashboard by optimising the clarity of the charts and enabling a guided analysis concept.

Dynamic drill-down, grid mode, retention of filters and adjustments, conditional showing and hiding of charts, selection of preset designs, activation of charts based on conditions such as variable values or selections.

Navigation menu

Vizlib Library | Navigation Tools

Provides more space on the dashboard by optimising the clarity of the charts and enabling a guided analysis concept.

Create a consistent and intuitive user experience by replicating the design of navigation bars in web applications to save time and improve visual consistency.

Text Object

Vizlib Library | UI Components

Table extension for Qlik Sense that supports advanced functionalities such as HTML code, tooltips and copying content to the clipboard when right-clicking.

Configurable tooltip, support for right-click copy function, support for multiple actions such as export data, selection in a field and apply bookmark.


Vizlib Library | UI Components

An all-in-one component that allows users to define and set variable values in a slider, providing enhanced control of the dashboard through slider actions.

Supports one or two variables, Vizlib actions and Vizlib templates. Predefined slider styles.


Vizlib Library | UI Components

Visual planning and analysis tool that highlights dates or displays a reading next to the date, automatic recognition of dates, date ranges, font and size control, custom colours and predefined selections.

Highlight specific dates, display a KPI next to the date, save time with the wizard, select a single date or date range, zoom in or out to save space.


Vizlib Library | UI Components

Filter component for Qlik Sense that optimises selection in the data model through powerful search. Advanced features include custom styling options and support for Vizlib templates and actions.

Support for listbox, button and dropdown components, an option for selected values or default selections, right-click copy support, conditional show/hide of filter values.

Line object

Vizlib Library | UI Components

Layout and organisation of the dashboard. Style and colour can be selected according to the theme of the dashboard, as well as alignment and orientation.

Flexible positioning, choice of orientation, interactivity.


Vizlib Library | UI Components

Provides guided analysis that allows users to create shortcuts, navigate the app and gain insights. It simplifies and speeds up the flow of data between apps.

API integration, support for multiple buttons, individual control of colours, labels and icons, manual or automatic resizing.


Vizlib Library | UI Components

Customise and control charts and dashboards. Turn measures, dimensions or colours on and off, or switch between charts in the container grid. Combine these UX functions with visualisations to facilitate access to functions and settings and improve the user experience.

Switch dimensions or define measures, change charts or dashboard views, update KPI sets, themes or accessibility settings, insert check boxes for easy-to-use checks and controls, basic on/off functions for easy data analysis.

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